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About The Military Medical

Malpractice Legal Network

The Military Medical Malpractice Legal Network of Goodman Allen & Filetti is composed of former military attorneys and attorneys experienced in medical malpractice claims who are dedicated to representing victims of medical negligence arising out of military and VA hospitals. Our attorneys’ collective legal experience exceeds 100 years, and our record of success is demonstrated by the millions of dollars we have recovered for our clients in hundreds of cases, not simply in a few big recoveries.

Our practice was established by the now retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard Gasperini, the former Chief of Army Tort Litigation in The Pentagon, to provide quality legal representation to the military community. Colonel Gasperini believed that soldiers, veterans, and their families deserved the same competent, vigorous representation as their civilian counterparts. He also believed that soldiers and their families would be best served by lawyers who, as veterans, had shared the unique experiences of military service.

Through this legacy Goodman Allen & Filetti has assembled a group of exceptional military trial attorneys. Today our team includes a former Command Judge Advocate who, while at the Navy’s flagship medical facility, Bethesda Naval Medical Center, defended Navy health care providers, a former Major in the U.S. Army who represented the Army in medical malpractice cases arising out of William Beumont Army Medical Center, and a Captain (ret.), U.S. Navy Reserve,  who, as an experienced trial attorney, defended Army doctors in federal courts throughout the United States. Our team also includes highly qualified and masters prepared nurse paralegals with extensive experience evaluating medical matters and who are critical to understanding the complexities of medical malpractice cases.

As veterans, many of our military medical malpractice attorneys know the challenges faced by military families. We understand the relationship between military care, TRICARE and VA care because our families have been the beneficiaries of such programs. We appreciate the strains of deployment and separation because we have experienced those strains. We understand the system, we speak your language, and we appreciate the challenges you face as members of the military community.

Once we accept your case, we will aggressively pursue it until resolution. We will stand with you when military orders take you to a new assignment – even if that assignment is overseas. We will personally meet with you to discuss our strategy and to prepare you for trial. We will be there with you through the months (and sometimes years) that it takes to resolve complicated cases.

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